About Us
Social Enterprise Promotion Office Established under the Social Enterprise Promotion Act B.E. 2562 which came into effect on May 23, 2019 as a government agency that is not a government agency And is not a legal state enterprise


An important organization of Thai society in driving a fair and sustainable national development through the social enterprise mechanism And a diverse and quality social entrepreneur network


Promote and develop social enterprises to have
Quality is self-reliant and expansive
Widespread to come into the mechanism
In developing a fair and sustainable country

Is an academic unit and is responsible for administrative
Of the Enterprise Promotion Committee
For society

Register for social enterprises and operate
Work Plan, Support and Rights Program
Benefits according to various government measures
To happen

Mission and authority of the office

Responsible for administrative work And the academic work of the committee
And has a duty to promote and support Provide assistance and development
Social enterprise and social enterprise group To be strong And self-reliant With the following objectives

1. Propose a policy and plan to promote the national dry social enterprise in accordance with the economic and social conditions. And propose guidelines to promote or support benefits for social enterprises Or a person who supports social enterprise businesses

2. Make a social enterprise promotion action plan.

3. Providing advice, training and promoting social enterprises to be able to develop management in finance, accounting, marketing, technology and other areas effectively.

4. Promote and support the development of product quality and standards. And services of social enterprises

5. Consultation or assistance in applying for a juristic person registration, approval and trademark registration. Or other intellectual property

6. Provide measures to promote and support the social enterprise group so that it can continue to develop into a social enterprise.

7. Analyze the status and the situation, obstacles, and success of social enterprises in the country.

8. To be the center of information about social enterprises. And disseminate information about social enterprises

9. Manage funds